Hello, welcome~☆
I’m Hideta, your host.
Previously owned blog called D’Ark~en~Site at hideta.multiply.com for 8 years.

I’m a full-time Japanese learner, and using my Japanese skills to make a living, as well as for having fun. So contact me if you need help in any translations or a privat lesson. *lol*

I’m a Japanese music otaku, and doing music in the same scene as vocalist, keyboardist and lyrics writer. My favorite artists/musicians are L’Arc~en~Ciel, GALNERYUS, SID, Bull Zeichen88, X JAPAN, Abingdon Boys School, Sukima Switch, GLAY, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Acid Black Cherry, Matenrou Opera, DaizyStripper, DELUHI, Flumpool etc. So you can tell, I am a very random person when it comes to music. Well.. sometimes fangirling almost like a bitch. X)

For arts, mostly I’m working on illustration, semi-realism drawing, and graphic design on request. Love to capture artistic stuffs or spots, too. If you’re interesting in using my work, kindly view my art portfolio by clicking the top link button on the right side bar :D

Personality? Some times a genius, most time is a moron. So please be warned. *grin*

I write travel journals, J-rock stuffs, random diary, and sometimes memes. Mostly in my mother-tongue language, Indonesian. And this is my third home, since I got kicked out from my previous blog hosting. *bitter laugh*

If you’re asking about why I ended up in here, or why some old blogs are re-posted in here but others are not, please read this first. Thank you~


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